Swipe (Right) To Dublin

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million reach

highest competition entries globally!


  • Strategy & creative direction
  • Content generation
  • Social media management
  • Media buying & management
  • Live event coverage
  • Influencer & community amplifying

Jameson International had a dilemma...how to connect with a notoriously hard-to-reach market in a region that doesn't allow you to talk about their product. They needed to get Dudes & Lads to enter their global #CarveTheBar competition as well as generate hype and get a full house for their Paddy's Day event.

We decided to embrace the spirit of the unexpected and because our insights showed that men are more likely to use social media as a way to search for information and connect, we created a Jameson Tinder profile. Because obviously.

The success on this campaign was not just converting a right-swipe into a competition entry but also getting bodies on the dancefloor at the Paddy's day party. With a 98% response-rate, we bantered and lolled and created real-life conversations with Jamesons' target audience.

It's not often that you can track the journey of a user from connection to conversion and then meet them for a Jameson at the afterparty!

Given the targeted nature of our strategy, we were with our audience every step of the way and able to track what worked and tweak what didn't.

Our campaign for Jameson had a total reach of 1.24 million, over 700 Tinder matches, the 2nd highest competition entries globally (narrowly elbowed out by the US) and a packed St Patrick's Day party!

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